Empyre Elite XT

Empyre Outdoor Wood Stoves


The Empyre Elite XT wood boilers revolutionary design delivers all the comfort and convenience of a conventional furnace while protecting the environment. EPA White Tag qualified Empyre Elite XT boilers combine hit efficiency heating technology and low emissions smoke free combustion.

With new clean burning technology, the Empyre Elite XT does most of the work. When necessary, ash is easily swept from the lower bun chamber into the furnace-wide ash pan. Splitting wood is obsolete with large firebox operating at its best with large diameter logs a few inches shorter than the length of the firebox. The outer Weather-Guard doors and wide interior firebox door makes loading a quick, simple and safe process.


The Empyre Elite XT's air curtain design allows for smoke free loading. The Easy Flue design and the flue cleaning rod (included) makes sweeping out the flues quick and simple. Built rugged for all installations, the Empyre Elite XT is versatile and can be easily integrated into practically any home's existing heating system. It can be installed into a 6" chimney liner and connected to an in-floor heating system or connected to duct work with a water-to-air heat exchanger.

The Empyre Elite XT's high efficiency gasification technology combined with a readily accessible and renewable fuel makes wood the best heating choice.


How does the EMPYRE work?

To distribute heat in a house or shop, you can choose from a variety of water to air heat exchangers. If you have an existing furnace with duct work already installed in the house you can simply install a square heat exchanger to let your current duct work do its work. If you do not have duct work in your house, you can also heat your house by running a 1/2" special hose between your floor joist, (approx. 12i") apart attached to the bottom of your wood floor. This 1/2" line loop would go into a bigger 1" - 2" pipe, called a header. A loop of 1/2" hose should be approx. 250' in length.

If you are making a concrete floor you would put a 1/2" hose in the concrete tied to the re-bar. The lines in a concrete floor are usually spaced 12"-18" apart.




10 Year Limited Warranty

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