Financing AvialableThermo Control

Thermo Control is designed for the rigours of the light industrial and commercial wood heating markets. Many homeowners recognize the intrinsic value of an overbuilt unit. They take heavy duty construction techniques and apply them to a broad range of residential appliances which typically heat an entire home for decades. They have specialize in a “complete” heating system usually including the capacity to heat domestic water at a very low cost.




Features & Benefits

  • Two Combustion Chambers. For the most heat from the least wood.
  • Automatic Combustion Controls. Automatically provides even heat for hours - without reloading.
  • Impressive. Large capacity firebox and generous loading door for convenient operation.
  • Heavy-Duty. Steel construction for optimum heat transfer.
  • Efficient. Side draft type baffle system. 76% overall efficiency.
  • Safe. Tested and listed to applicable UL standards.
  • Versatile. Designed for installation as the prime heating source or as a supplement to an existing oil or gas fired boiler.
  • Clean. Primary and secondary air supply at strategic locations, with two scientifically designed combustion chambers for higher efficiency and a long lasting, cleaner burn. Clean burning is safer burning.


20 years on firebox and water jacket, materials and labor, non-prorated!

Pricing Available